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Allow me to Dong Bang your Shin Ki.

DBSK. My love life is fangirling over YunJae's. I like food. I like Changmin. I like Changmin and his food. I like foreheads. I like Yoochun. I don't like butts, but I like Junsu's. My cat is gay for Jiji. I also make edits and gifs. You can see me lingering around twitter too. And if you want, these are my YunJae 30 Day Challenge, posts.

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    [scan]  TIAMO TVXQ! Photobook [1]



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    Shingeki no kyoJean

    even jean is afraid of them omf

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    [CAP] TREE LIVE TOUR 2014 Offshot

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  5. Shim. Oh glorious Shim.

    Shim. Oh glorious Shim.

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  6. tumblr didn’t ruin my life i was already a loser before i joined this website

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    140721 - Ti Amo TVXQ Photobook

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    There are no possible coherent words for this photobook. If the powers that be know what a gold mine this is, they better send it for more prints.

    My word of the day is “CAN’T” because this photobook is refusing to let me do otherwise.

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    Genocide is going on and the world is ignoring it and making lies.

    #PrayforGaza #FreePalestine

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