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Allow me to Dong Bang your Shin Ki.

DBSK. My love life is fangirling over YunJae's. I like food. I like Changmin. I like Changmin and his food. I like foreheads. I like Yoochun. I don't like butts, but I like Junsu's. My cat is gay for Jiji. I also make edits and gifs. You can see me lingering around twitter too. And if you want, these are my YunJae 30 Day Challenge, posts.

*Click here to see the shameless blogging of my trip to Korea
*Click here to see naked DBSK

  1. Cannot chooosseeee. ToT

      1. angeldc said: BOTH!!! :D
      2. dijitalove said: Both! :D

    IF ONLY I CAN. Both are super great, but I’m trying to weigh down the other stuff that come with them. It’s so difficult, not to mention both singles also have different versions. ToT

    1. angeldc said: what are the songs that u love the most?
    2. dijitalove said: Hmmmmm. I’ll go for Love Bingo, then. :)
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