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Allow me to Dong Bang your Shin Ki.

DBSK. My love life is fangirling over YunJae's. I like food. I like Changmin. I like Changmin and his food. I like foreheads. I like Yoochun. I don't like butts, but I like Junsu's. My cat is gay for Jiji. I also make edits and gifs. You can see me lingering around twitter too. And if you want, these are my YunJae 30 Day Challenge, posts.

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  1. Just some of my favorite moments from the I Love You ~Tree~ Tour Documentary preview. :)

    Yunho being a good leadersshi/hyung and and TVXQ being an awesome duo. And photo 2 is just practically dying and he even slips but he gets up and performs like a boss <333

  2. This is our lives now, Cassiopeia,

    Shim Changmin has spoken. We are the Elite Minority.

  3. Life of a Cassie:

    Is TVXQ and Tohoshinki the same?

    Why are there only two members now?

    Who’s that pretty girl? I thought they were a boy band?

    So Max is Choikang? And he’s also Changmin?

    Noobs and Non-fans, welcome. You have reached the TVXQ hotline. Please listen to the following prompt to address your concerns

    If you are confused with the following names: Dong Bang Shinki, Tong Vfang Xien Xi, TVXQ, DBSK, THSK, Tohoshinki,  Gods of the Rising East — press 1.

    If you seek clarifications with the number of members the group has — press 2.

    If you are confused with Cassiopeia and Big East — press 3.

    If you are confused with the names: Yunho/Uknow, Max/Choikang/Changmin, Youngwoong/Hero/Jaejoong, Xiah/Junsu, Micky/Yoochun — dial 4.

    If you have any confusion with the members’ genders — press 5

    If you have pressed 5 and are still confused with Jaejoong — press 6.

    If you have questions regarding members’ body parts. Ex: Yunhoo’s crotch, Jaejoong’s nipples,  Changmin’s chest, Junsu’s butt, Yoochun’s forehead — press 7

    If you are being attacked by stans — press 8

    If you are feeling any emotional distress tingling of ovaries, overwhelming urges to lick your screen when you see the boys — press 9 for councelling 

    Thank you for dialing the TVXQ hotline. Good day.

    TVXQ Hotline
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  4. A lot of people try to demean or hurt ~TVXQ fans’~ “pride” by saying they’re not popular anymore, that they’re not no. 1 in Hallyu anymore. Tbh. If you’re one of the people trying to hurt others by saying this or if you’re one of the people feeling upset because of it, it’s just not worth it. Popularity doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Anybody can be popular. I mean, just look at youtube. You get millions of hits over cats or babies who bite each other’s fingers. Some people become popular for a leaked sex video ffs.

    Popularity is not a sign of talent, or hard work or discipline. But you know what? Being inspiring is. To be inspiring you have to have strength, and character, and it’s not something that just anybody can be. But it’s what TVXQ is. So really. Who gives a shit about popularity? Our boys are inspiring and admirable, and we know that because even famous people in their industry comments on it, because we’ve heard about fans who’s lives changed because of them, and, in my opinion, that means so much more than votes or video hits or whatever.

    Posted 6 months ago

  5. Jinagabeorin~ Eorin sijeoren~ Pungseoneul tago~ Naraganeun yeppeun kkumdo kkueotji~~~ 🎶🎶 TEE HEE~ 풍선 -동방신기 💕 #TVXQ #nailart #Balloons

    Jinagabeorin~ Eorin sijeoren~ Pungseoneul tago~ Naraganeun yeppeun kkumdo kkueotji~~~ 🎶🎶 TEE HEE~ 풍선 -동방신기 💕 #TVXQ #nailart #Balloons

  6. I just had to do it.

  7. Hey, are you tired? Sometimes I look at you and I see you so exhausted. Sometimes it’s like you’re there but not really. Are you thinking of something else? Do you want to be somewhere else? It is probably my imagination. Are you tired of us? Of losing sleep, of dealing with nuisances, of not being free because of us? I am sorry. It’s okay if you are. If you’re tired. You do your best and so we do ours too. I scream loud so you know we’re here. So you know you have a purpose. So you know what you do is important So you know you are important. So, maybe, when you’re troubled or angry, or sad, or feeling hopeless you can remember those you’ve touched and think, “It’s worth it” It’s okay to be tired. It’s okay to want to stop and rest, you’ve been bringing me happiness for so long. But don’t worry I will still be there. I will never won’t be tired of waving your light stick, of singing with you…because that’s the only way I can say thank you. And I really really do thank you. Are you tired? It’s okay. Please rest.

    — fan who loves you very much but isn’t really that good in showing it.
  8. 2U.


  9. Count on Jung to do a 70’s dance move. Lol.